PDA Software – Get More From Your PDA Phone

It is not for nothing that you spend huge amount of money to buy a PDA. You get a gamut of applications already installed in it. They allow you to manage contacts, appointments and tasks. They include a name and address database, calendar, to-do list and note taker. Wireless PDAs offer e-mail, Web browsing and mobile phone service. What more, it gives you the leverage to download a number of software to enrich the device with more functionalities.

Among the plethora of software programs available for the PDA, a good number belongs to medical software. Many of these software have corporate sponsorship, hence they are available free of cost. Being free does not mean that they are not of high standard. This medical PDA software is really of high quality and even very easy to use. However, all packages cannot be of high quality if the variety offered by medical PDA software is considered.

Among the endless options available in medical software, mention must be made of ARTbeat that includes current medical news, Archimedes, a medical calculator and Diagnosaurus that helps build differential diagnosis list. In addition to these software, there are a host of free medical dictionaries, pharmacy guides, and “medical Spanish” software packages available for the PDAs.

Some of the free PDA software comes with games and utilities. PassBuilder is one such software that helps you to create unique passwords on your Windows PC for all your needs! You can specify length, letter case, and several options thereby to make it easy to remember your new passwords. DockWare is a popular freeware that includes Desk calendar, clock and picture viewer for your PDA phone. You can stylise your PDA phone with flashy accessories. Some of them are sold at nominal price; even at times they are available free of cost with other things.

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